Green cactus; Red rock

Green cactus; Red rock
photo by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Friday, November 20, 2009

Well Fed

Well Fed
-for Oprah

by Linda Hoffman Kimball

I raised my babies on Oprah,
Spooned fed them from jars
of her candor and sass,
Sweetened their binkies
with the books she suggested,
Marinated them in the wonder
of what women can do
when they take themselves seriously.
I taught them “turn your wounds to wisdom”
like a nursery rhyme,
like grace over a meal.

I’m not an Oprah groupie, just an admirer. Since she first appeared on AM Chicago I liked her style – so honest and funny and smart.
My, how she’s grown. Outgrown her Oprah show, apparently. She announced today that next year will be her last season. Then comes her own cable channel. Sounds like a smart move to me.

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